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 (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide

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PostSubject: (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide   (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide EmptyTue Jul 21, 2009 11:29 pm

99 Woodcutting Guide By : Prodiigy Ftw.

Ok, first of all, go to barbarian village. Go to the people fishing, at the fishing spot.
Ask for people to give you trout, or salmon. You should get some in under 2 minutes.
After you have over 10 fish, go down the tunnel in the middle of the village.
Go through the stronghold of security. Its very easy, just be careful. You may want to
look up a stronghold guide on youtube. Their very helpful. After you've gotten the 10K,
Go to the other security area about halfway from barbarian village to edgeville. You can
Go on youtube again, and look up how to get through it. After you have all 20K, buy all
of the axes up to rune (Besides black, its a waste of money.) After you've bought all of
the axes, go to the outside of varrock, east of the wizards, south of the middle. You will
see a sign of a tree. Stay there and woodcutt normal trees until 15 woodcutting. After 15,
stay there and cut oak trees until 30 woodcutting. When you have 30 woodcutting, go to
Draynor Village. When you get to Draynor, go down to the willow trees. Run past the mages,
Because they can kill you in a couple of hits if you are a skiller. Go between the last two trees.
Keep cutting those until you get a full inventory, then go back to the bank. Repeat the process,
over and over and over and over....until 99 woodcutting!!!
(Also, you can go to the Yew trees in edgeville any time you want past 60 woodcutting, if you
feel like making some quick money. Keep in mind though, that the Yew trees aren't for experience.
They take very long also... So just keep cutting the willows. Good Luck!!!

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(F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide   (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 12:53 am

Very well covered guide for non-member, nice job Smile

Sounds like you have had your fair share of wcing Razz
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(F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide   (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 7:18 pm

If your a member - once you reach about 70-75 wcing you'd probably be able to get more experience at the Yew trees just south of Camelot. There's always a number of people there, the most I've seen though is about 10-15 people. And there's about 7 trees so that's about 2people per tree. Also it you want to cut magics, don't do it until you have a dragon axe atleast, I would also recommend about 90-95wcing or else It will take you about an our to get a full inv.

I like the guide. Simple and effective. Although at 90-95 I would recommend cutting yews - It seems like you'd get more xp at that level cutting yews rather than willows.

All of the above, correct or not, is based on my experiences in runescape.
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(F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide   (F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide Empty

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(F2P) 99 Woodcutting Guide
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